Results Are In - State Fair 2016

Results from the 2016 State Fair are now posted on the fair’s website.  To see the results click HERE .  Sometimes under weaving there are more than one first, etc.  That’s because this year beginners, experienced and professionals were judged separately.  In the handspun yarns and handspun yarn articles, a score of 90 or above is a 1, 80-89 is 2 and 70-79 is 3, so level of experience doesn’t matter.  Felting is the same as weaving.


We had a total of about 145 entries in felting, spinning & weaving as opposed to 92 last year. A huge increase and surpassed my goal by far!  Click HERE for fair pictures.


Thanks everyone for your participation.  With your help, we were able to put together a great display.


Dorald Stoltz

State Fair Coordinator - WeGO

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